Mexico vs United States

Mexico vs United States : Rivalries will be renewed on Sunday as the Mexico National Team take on the United States Men’s National Team in the 2019 Gold Cup Final.

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Team : Mexico vs United States
Date : Sunday, July 7
Start Time : 9:00 Pm Et

Mexico vs United States – Live

Just as it was meant to be scripted, El Tri will take on their northern rivals for a chance at lifting the title of best team in North America. Gerardo “Tata” Martino’s men have slowly been losing momentum in this tournament after being forced into Extra Time in each of their last two games, and against the United States, they will be playing arguably their toughest team yet.

But history is firmly on Mexico’s side. In five previous Gold Cup Final meetings versus the United States, El Tri has won four times, including the last two by a combined score of 9-2. Coincidentally, their only defeat against the Stars and Stripes came in 2007 in Soldier Field, setting for this year’s Gold Cup Final.

Obviously, there is no love lost between these two sides, and it all adds an extra layer of flavor to the match. Nobody likes losing a final, but losing a final to your biggest rival assumes colossal proportions. As such, as far as Gold Cup Finals go, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. The title for best team in Concacaf is on the line. Will the green giant awaken or will the US claim bragging rights and back-to-back titles,

The 2019 Gold Cup final is one that marks the latest chapter in the United States vs. Mexico rivalry. All the talk about how the power pendulum had shifted in CONCACAF was for naught, as the USMNT and Mexico advanced to the final to set a familiar feel. This is the first USA-Mexico matchup in a Gold Cup final since 2011, when Mexico won 4-2 at the Rose Bowl. Now, 8 years later, they go again for the chance to hoist the Gold Cup trophy.

Can the USMNT get some possession? Mexico will look to dominate possession as they create scoring chance after scoring chance against the USMNT. However, the USMNT will need to put something together in order to create opportunities of their own. They may lose the possession battle, but keeping Mexico under 60% possession means that the USMNT is doing its job of taking the ball away and, most importantly, keeping the ball to create those chances.

Take your chances. When the USMNT has a chance to score, they must take it. Some of the great goals in the history of this rivalry occurred when someone just tried a shot. Guys need to be in position to receive the ball, but when they get the ball in the final third, take a shot. Guillermo Ochoa is known to mess up a long shot or two or be out of position. Putting pressure on him will force him to be perfect. And perfect he is not.

Who will create a moment? This rivalry is all about the big moments, moments that transcend the rivalry. Who is ready to make that history? Who wants it more? This is what the fans are up for, and the atmosphere will be electric. Who will give them a reason to remember this match,

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